How did you get into all of this?

After having my first child, I found that navigating the world of parenting wasn’t what I expected. I had all of this professional knowledge, and yet I felt fairly unprepared.  Oftentimes I felt as though my pediatrician’s practice did not have the time to answer all of my “non medical” questions, and I wasn’t sure how to get the answers I wanted.  Parenting is much harder than I ever anticipated! I attended a few local “mother-baby” classes, but I often felt that I wanted more than just some games and songs with my baby, and I found that many of the teachers didn’t have any solid or evidence based knowledge to share.

I am excited to share my professional knowledge combined with my experience as a mom. I hope that by utilizing my services, you will gain great ideas and confidence to tackle the fun and sometimes-stressful job of parenting!

Can you come and teach a parenting class at my pediatric practice?

Yes!  I am able to tailor specific classes or topics to your practice’s specific needs.  I can run a series of classes, or a single session.

Can you provide either electronic or phone-based consulting to answer my specific parenting questions?

Yes!  I am flexible in my mode of communication.  I am willing to set up a system in order to answer all of your parenting questions and meet your specific needs.

Can you provide me with medical diagnosis?  Prescriptions? Or other medical advice?

No!  As your new parent consultant, I can provide much-needed knowledge surrounding the many questions and issues that arise in the few few months-years as a parent, but I am not your healthcare provider.  I will never diagnose a medical problem or prescribe medical treatment.
This being said, I’m here to fill the gaps in the stuff that gets left out quite often in pediatric primary care.  Physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers are extremely busy with well-patient and sick visits.  Often times there are non-medical questions that come up, and that you may not have ample time to discuss with your child’s healthcare provider.  This is where I can help!

What do your services cost?

Contact me for more in depth details.

I offer one time phone sessions, continued phone consultation and support (re-evaluated on a month-to-month system), and electronic communication, and any combination that fits your needs.  Rates depend on the length and type of consulting desired.

For medical offices or organizations, I charge a baseline consulting fee for providing the class, and an additional fee per each class participant.

Want to know what else I do?

Come and check out my other job at Mara’s World.

All content is © 2013 Jane Glazer Consulting, LLC.  All rights reserved.  Please do not take images or content from this site without written permission.


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